* denotes equal contribution


  1. DMRN
    Real-time timbre mapping for synthesized percussive performance
    Shier, Jordie
    In DMRN+17: Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop 2022 2022
  2. arXiv
    Hear 2021: Holistic evaluation of audio representations
    Turian, Joseph,  Shier, Jordie,  Khan, Humair Raj and 20 more authors
    arXiv preprint 2022


  1. DAFx
    One billion audio sounds from gpu-enabled modular synthesis
    Turian, Joseph*Shier, Jordie*,  Tzanetakis, George and 2 more authors
    In 2021 24th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx) 2021
  2. JAES
    Manifold learning methods for visualization and browsing of drum machine samples
    Shier, Jordie, McNally, Kirk,  Tzanetakis, George and 1 more author
    Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 2021


  1. AES
    Spiegelib: An automatic synthesizer programming library
    Shier, Jordie, Tzanetakis, George,  and McNally, Kirk
    In Audio Engineering Society Convention 148 2020


  1. AES
    Analysis of drum machine kick and snare sounds
    Shier, Jordie, McNally, Kirk,  and Tzanetakis, George
    In Audio Engineering Society Convention 143 2017
  2. WIMP
    Sieve: A plugin for the automatic classification and intelligent browsing of kick and snare samples
    Shier, Jordie, McNally, Kirk,  and Tzanetakis, George
    In 3rd Workshop on Intelligent Music Production. WIMP 2017



  1. Master’s
    The synthesizer programming problem: improving the usability of sound synthesizers
    Shier, Jordie
    University of Victoria 2021