Jordie Shier


I am a PhD student in the Artificial Intelligence and Music (AIM) programme based at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). My supervisors are Prof. Andrew McPherson and Dr. Charalampos Saitis. Our industry research partner is Dr. Andrew Robertson (Ableton).

My research is focused on the development of software that supports creativity in musicians and music producers. I am particularly interested in creating novel methods for synthesizing audio and researching new interaction paradigms for music synthesizers. My PhD research topic is Real-time timbral mapping for synthesized percussive performance.

Previously, I completed a Master’s degree at the University of Victoria with Prof. George Tzanetakis and Assoc. Prof. Kirk McNally.

Beyond research, I love creating music and exploring sounds, especially using modular synthesizers. When I’m not at a computer or tinkering with synths I like to climb rocks and ride bikes.